DiscoverDev is a website where we curate about 8-10 good software engineering articles every weekday. In addition we also run a weekly newsetter.

A huge part of learning and growing as a software engineer comes from learning through other developers. A lot of this knowledge transfer happens through interesting blog articles and talks. We have an avalanche of technical articles, but most of them are about how to build the next to-do app or write a hello world application using the latest JS framework. Very few of them go into the innards of the tech stack - how things work and why they're designed as they are. I would like to see more developers and companies talk about the nitty gritties of their at scale infrastructure, software design trade-offs, performance, distribution and security aspects of their applications. While introductory texts are great, most forums are saturated with such content, which makes it hard for real engineering content to stand out from the noise.

DiscoverDev hopes to solve this issue of "discoverability" - a website that features just the most insightful engineering content from across the web. Nothing more. Sort of like a "Product Hunt" for engineering blogs. The DiscoverDev bot scours the internet - including 100's of engineering blogs, developer forums (HN, Reddit, Lobsters, etc) and blogging platforms like Medium. All the relevant content ingested into our ML system where it is processed and tagged. The final list before it's out goes through human eyes for a final quality check.

I believe that having such a discovery system will not only help end users but also authors of insightful technical articles. Hopefully this will also push the engineering teams some companies to write more and in greater depth. This is only our first step small towards creating an ecosystem better content creation and discovery, and we're excited to get this out to you!

This project is a solo effort by me, Deepak Karki. I spent a few months working on this fulltime between jobs. Now I maintain it part-time on a daily basis. You can reach out to me via email (makers@discoverdev.io) or on twitter @discoverdev_io